Latam Agro in India
Farming Pool
 Latam Agro organizes and leads the farming pool model joining forces with other actors; implementing the “best agricultural practices” in order to increase the performance and get the more effective profitable Agriculture Project.
 Latam Agro develops: a) The flexibility and ability to mobilize external funds, and b) The capacity to manage the business in the technical, operational, commercial and financial areas.
Silo Bags Systems
 The Silo Bag Systems are used to store dry & wet grain in a profitable and flexible storage model.
 Dry grains: soybean, corn, sorghum, wheat, sunflower, millet, oats, rice, barley, etc.
 Forage: corn, sorghum, wheat, etc.
The bags in the Silo Bags Systems:
 Are made of state-of-the-art raw materials.
 Three plastic layer UV protected, any recycled material in their formulation.
Special Projects
From the designing, engineering, planning, financing to the installation and all the way to the monitoring, maintenance, training, operational and commercial management and insurance, Latam Agro offers an end to end package to cover all possible services for special agriculture projects.
 Sustainable Agriculture: Practices& Certifications.
 Third Party Logistics (3PL).
 Solar Energy: Power & Applications.
 SupplyChainFarming (SC).
Grain Storage Systems: Manufacture & Engineering.
 Grain Storage Facilities (Silo Plants): 50 TN to 100.000 TN.
 Flat Storage Buildings.
 Control & MonitoringSystems.
 Unloading Systems: trucks & rail roads.
 ConditioningSystems: drying& sieving.
 Grain elevation, transport & extractions systems.
 In dealing with complex agricultural challenges, competitive and regulatory pressures, Latam Agro’s financial services specialists brings a complete range of services to help their clients capture sustainable business results.
 Latam Agro brings confidentiality, experience and ability to provide timely and accurate financial solutions to ensure their clients the concretion of profitable and fair business in the agri-business and agri-industry sector.
 Investments projects.
 Production Trusts.
 Crop Insurance.
 Merges and acquisitions.
 Latam Agro works for the concretion of national and international operations of agricultural, agro-industrial products and their derivatives.
 Latam Agro promotes supplies and it satisfies demands through a highly experienced team of professionals.
 Latam Agro makes deliveries in bulk, bags or containers.